Aug 5, 2009

My Birth DAY! :D

So, here's some of what has happened thus far today:) Actually, these first few pictures are of EARLY birthday presents. I love EARLY birthday presents!!

These two jars are special:) My best friend, Isabelle's dad made me some of his "famous" salsa and a chimichurri sauce. Mmm...can't wait to use them, YUM!

These knives were my gift from my hubby. Oh, and HOW I LOVE THEM! See, my LOVE for cooking only really began last year but I didn't have anyone to cook for until we got married last October. NOW, all I do is cook :D and well, these knives definitely help because the ones I had weren't very good...LOL! I actually used these knives yesterday! YAY!

And here I am eating my first piece of greasy pepperoni pizza from Sam's in two months. It really is the ONE food I miss most since changing the way I eat. I love Portabello Pizza's too but they just aren't the same.

The day isn't over yet, still get to have dinner at an asian buffet place that I like a lot too with friends. I'm excited about that. Mmm...TSO Chicken, here I come:)

Tomorrow: Back to my regularly scheduled eating:D

And at the end of my day...

I got to have cake and eat it too :D
~Mrs Galvan~

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