Dec 12, 2010

Athenos Greek Yogurt Toga party

So, this past Saturday I hosted a toga party for Athenos Greek Yogurt! Thank you Houseparty for choosing me to host this shindig, it was so fun!

I got to make fun food and even expanded some of my friends palette choices. One friend had never tried pitas and a few others had never had hummus. I love when people get to experience new foods that they normally would never have tried.

The menu included :
  • Raspberry Chipotle meatballs
  • Pita sandwiches with turkey pastrami, chicken, tomato, cucumber and a choice of either creamy cilantro sauce or creamy chipotle sauce (both made with Athenos Greek strained yogurt)
  • Greek Pizza with spinach, black olives, red onion and cheese
  • Spinach dip (made with Athenos)
  • Hummus
I also made lots of fun Christmas desserts as this toga party was a great excuse to to have a Christmas party!

I also gave out party favor bags with the party favors that Athenos sent. It included a coupon for $1 off of two yogurts, an Athenos stress ball, writing pad, pen and a free yogurt!

The yogurt is really good! I love that you can decide how much of the fruit to add to your yogurt or decide not to add it altogether. My favorite is the peach one. It's definitely also a great breakfast on the run because you don't have to stop and slice up the fruit of your choice, it's already done for you. I LOVE IT!

My Wal-Mart only had 14 yogurts so I bought them out with my complimentary coupons and even had a few coupons left to give as game prizes. We played this cookie game: Face the Cookie!  It was so fun!

 THANK YOU Athenos AND Houseparty for a great time!!!

~Mrs Galvan~