Aug 21, 2009

Beef Bourguignon!

Yesterday evening I realized that I didn’t post anything about Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon that I made last Saturday. So here you go!

The Mr. loved it! And immediately asked when I would make it again… I HAVE decided that this meal will be a special occasion meal because it took FOREVER to make.

I mean, I had to dry each piece of meat individually so that it would brown and even while it was in the oven I didn’t even get a chance to rest and sit down because I needed to make the mushrooms and pearl onions.

Then at the end of it all I had to pour the stew through a sieve and wash out the Dutch Oven, put the meat back and boil down the broth to make it thicker.

Believe me, I’m not complaining, it was all totally worth it!

The meat was soooooo tender and the flavors, Mmm… WONDERFUL!

The next day, Sunday, we had left overs and it was EVEN BETTER!

So, if you've seen Julie & Julia and are curious about the meal--try making it! It will definitely change your life!

Bon Apetit! (LOL!)


Anonymous said...

looks yummy. not sure i want to go to that much trouble for a meal though. i look for good and easy. you did good!!! sally

Max02 said...


I LOVED it and I want MORE.

My only disappointments with the meal were that my stomach was too small, there was an extra person to serve (which meant less food for me), and we didn't have bread the first day (my fault).

It was fantastic.

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Eme said...

I would love to make this but I saw the movie and would probably doze off in the middle too! Plus, Sergio doesn't care for mushrooms, or carrots, or anything green and healthy for that matter! If you make it again, I'll take mine to go. ;)