Sep 2, 2009

Some real stuff

So, we’re getting some much needed time off this weekend.

I’m looking forward to spending a few days, ALONE with the Mr.
The great thing about our relationship is that we can sit in silence together, doing nothing, reading, writing, thinking, dreaming, planning. Not many people can do that.

SO, as we “disconnect” this weekend, please pray for us. Pray for REAL rest.

--cut to silent thoughts--

I just finished reading Mossy Lou’s blog and have been sitting here in tears at my desk. The tears have been coming for some days now.

This world is so sad without Jesus. Every single day we experience people who have no idea who He is, or what he’s done for us AND even WE take Him for granted.

I’ve taken Him for granted lately. The worst part is I KNOW that I've been taking Him for granted.

Like someone at small group said last night, “I feel as though I’ve started to turn my back on Him.” I don't want that though, that's the LAST thing I want.

With my job comes much burden and so I never stop praying BUT I feel like I haven’t been listening lately.

I have no excuses but I do KNOW that I won’t give up, I’m hanging on.

I’m grateful that His mercies are new EVERY morning and that I can start over today.

Please pray for me.

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Eme said...

I will definitely be praying for you guys. I think we're in the same boat right now. The tears keep coming and we just need to listen and hold tight to the truth and to the direction God has for our lives. Everyday IS a fresh start! God is great!! I love you.
Hanging on tight with you,
Jennifer M.