Apr 12, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

As a foodie this is something I am very excited about!

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The Mr and I have been watching Jamie’s show and have gotten so excited about his desire to help America change the way we eat!

As I’ve struggled with my own weight issues, diabetes and high blood pressure, food and knowing what goes into it has become very important to me. I’ve learned how to read the nutritional information and know what’s important and also know what my personal nutrition allows and doesn’t allow. It’s why we cook at home now and spend way less money eating out.

Before the Mr and I got married we figured that we spent about $800 a month on eating out. Yea, talk about expensive. We are down to half of that, and it’s all on groceries now. Even our date nights for awhile were spent making a special meal and THEN heading out to a movie or fun event.So, not only do we save some money, we eat better!

Of course, now that we are taking care of my mom, date night requires us to go out to eat so we can get out of the house.So, we're spending a little now.

With the thoughts and prayers of a family soon, the Mr and I have been talking about how we will raise our children in food. We both love food and love trying new foods. We’re hoping our children will be too. I’ve been reading, Raising Foodie Kids, for awhile now and am excited for when our opportunity to raise children comes along.

Well, no cooking today as our tile in the living room is being replaced and they don’t think it will be done until tomorrow. We live in an apartment and so we are hole up in our rooms today. It’s not a bad thing just keeps me out of the living room kitchen area due to the dusty mess the people are making.

Thanks to La Fuji Mama for her blog. It encouraged me to blog about this. I have been wanting to, I just hadn't had the chance and her giveaway definitely encouraged me! :)

More blogging later!

~Mrs Galvan

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Max02 said...

Watching your excitement and skill with good, healthy food has been exciting and tasty ;0)

Can't wait to see what's in store for us next.

I love you,
The Mr