Jan 6, 2010

A Happy New Year!

So, I haven't blogged since September...geez...funny thing is I haven't really made anything fantastic since then either. It has been a rough 4 months.

  1. My mom had a stroke on Sept 25th and the Mr and I spent a week with her in Corpus Christi and then had her transferred here so we could take care of her. She was in the hospital til November 25th. Her entire right side is "weakened due to stroke" as the doctor's say. What does that mean? She can't do anything for herself.
  2. My mom moved in with the Mr and I.
  3. November 30th was my last day of work. I had already planned to NOT work starting in January but my resignation came early. So, now I'm my momma's caregiver. It's a lot of work but I love the time I get with her.
  4. December 24th mom went back into the hospital so, she didn't get to spend Christmas with the family. She spent it in the hospital. They found that she was severely anemic and she also has Divirticulitus.
  5. My family celebrated New Year's Eve together for the first time in OVER 10 years. It was awesome! AND mom got out of the hospital on December 31st so even more awesome!
I feel like I've been missing in action for over a month. I miss my job, my co-workers and just the way life WAS--->although I already knew some kind of change was coming. I guess I just wasn't prepared for it. So, it's been rough. Today though, I feel like I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

I cooked tonight:) Not just boring food but PIZZA! The best part is I re-evaluated my old recipe and made it BETTER! Oh yea, it was the best pizza I've made yet! YUMMO!

Grilled Chicken with bacon, red onion and roma tomato on white sauce. There's also a secret ingredient that just made it all POP! It was so great! Oh and of course cheese! I'm proud of this one!

So, it's a new year with many new things on the horizon! I'm ready or it! (I think)
LOL! We'll see.

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