Jul 29, 2009

What's for Tonight's Dinner

Since May 28th I have been eating healthier and trying to get my diabetes under control.
I have lost 12 pounds and have got my sugar down from 360 to 130-140 regularly. I still want that number to change some and with the doctor we're working on it.

So, since then, I've been doing a lot more cooking at home. Sometimes I take a somewhat fattening recipe and make it as low fat as possible and sometimes I take things that are OBVIOUSLY healthy for you and make them taste good.
My doctor said something to me the last time I saw him that I don't agree with. he said, "if it tastes good, it's bad for you." Since then, I have been striving to make that statement false!

Tonight I'm gonna make a stuffed turkey breast... stuffed with?
I'm not sure yet, I have a couple of options.
I'm also going to make stuffed zucchini.

We'll see how it all turns out. I don't usually take picture or post about a first time recipe but maybe I will tonight. If you're reading this today, I hope that you'll come back!

Here's what we ended up with for dinner:P~~

Pesto stuffed turkey breast with seasoned corn and Prosciutto and Pepperoni stuffed zucchini. It was actually pretty delicious and for the first time making it all I was happy with how everything looked. I do however need a new knife...ugh! The one I currently own is CHEAP and cuts things badly.

I had never made stuffed zucchini and it was a rather fun procedure :)

I had also never made just a turkey breast, much less a stuffed one and I had definitely never tied one up with butcher string...LOL!

Dessert was a low fat, low carb, sugar-free peaches and cream. This one is a work in progress. It turned out good but it's so hard to get something low fat, low carb and sugar-free to taste the opposite.

Come back now, ya hear? ;D

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Max02 said...

I'm there! (Partly because I'm your husband and I live with you, and partly because your food is AWESOME!).

So yeah, I'm there.