Nov 17, 2011

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011

Hello Blog World! I have decided to move over to Wordpress from Blogger. Wordpress seems a little more complicated but I'm a pretty smart cookie so I am sure that I will figure it out! I'll be trying to import my other blog posts from Blogger over to this blog, we will see how that goes. I am going to be honest UP FRONT! I'm not great with keeping up with my blogs, usually. I have however in the past almost two years acquired an IPad which helps some. Life is usually pretty busy here at my house, in my kitchen, in my life. My husband and I are in full-time ministry at our church and that is where a lot of our time goes, to the Lord but I LOVE to bake, cook and craft. SO, I work hard to make time for those things as well. Those three things really keep me sane on my days off. (Which is not very often, lol) If I don't have something to do when life dies down, I can get pretty buggy. I hope that as I begin posting here, that people will actually read this blog.

IN RECENT NEWS: I am joining hundreds of other food bloggers in the Great American Food Blogger Cookie Swap that is being hosted by Lindsay at Love & Olive Oil and Julie at The Little Kitchen. I got my list of bloggers to send my cookies to and have been working on a recipe since last week. I am excited to say that my cookies turned out well and that my "guinea pigs" all loved them. So, needless to say, I have chosen my recipe for the swap. I promise to keep you updated with pictures and such as I start with this little project. Last night, the husband and I took out all the Christmas decorations. YAY! We decided that we would be changing the colors of the tree this year. We had been using the ornaments I had before we got married (which were peacock feather colors) and decided that we had gotten our monies worth already. So this year we are going with red, gold and bronze (brown) It is also the year that we put up our angel tree topper. We rotate between a star and an angel to keep us both happy from year to year. We had been looking for an angel since last year and found the one my husband wanted THIS year and she is definitely a keeper. I'll post a picture when I can get into the other room to take one. My kitchen is OPEN and this week we are hosting "Thanksgiving Eve" at our home with some close friends. I am very excited about it and so is my husband. He is making the turkey again this year. We decided last year, that brining the turkey is the way to go. My husband decided that after watching Alton Brown's "Romancing the Bird: A Good Eats Thanksgiving". If you haven't seen this episode, it is awesome! Gotta love Alton Brown.

~Mrs Galvan~

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